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Lucy - May 2023

The call I had a with Charlotte was definitely the best decision I've had since my daughter was born. Sleep was a real struggle and I could feel myself at my limit. Charlotte had so much time for me on our call and made me feel so reassured, as well as giving practical advice about some of the challenges we have had. One month on, and weve gone from 6-9 wakes up a night to 1-2 wakes, and my husband has even put my little one to bed on his own one night. It's been pretty game changing for us. Thank you so so much

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Jessica - march 2023

Wow. Where do I begin? I had a fairly good understanding of normal infant sleep, thanks to Charlotte’s Instagram page. However, I was really beginning to struggle with my 4 month old’s sleep. My little girl was waking every 20/30 minutes at night unless she was sleeping on me or my husband. At one point we were taking shifts throughout the night and we knew this wasn’t sustainable. Through sheer exhaustion we were both falling asleep with her on us and waking hours later. Our daughter would also not settle even in bed whilst safely bed sharing. We knew this wasn’t safe sleep guidance but Charlotte reassured us both that this is more common than we think and ensured we didn’t feel ashamed.

Before our video chat, I filled out a questionnaire about my daughter’s sleep. This included naps and wakes throughout the night and what our main concern was. Charlotte was also able to fit us in earlier which we greatly appreciated!

The consultation was nothing short of amazing. Charlotte was extremely thorough in exploring what could be causing our daughter’s frequent wakes. We ruled out any red flags. We established that the night wakes could be down to the timings of naps and bedtime. We also cut out baby sensory videos before bed.

On implementing Charlotte’s advice, our nights have drastically improved. We have a maximum of 3-4 wakes in the night. Our daughter’s sleep is much more settled and she is easier to settle during the night.

We now have the tools and confidence to deal with anymore curve balls that come our way. We can’t thank Charlotte enough for how much she has helped us and there is no more of the pre bedtime anxiety. If anyone is struggling with sleep with their littles and want a holistic approach to improving their sleep, look no further than Sleepy Moon Babe

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Katie - February 2023

We decided to book a full moon consultation with Charlotte after reaching 10 wake ups every night with our 10 month old. I was feeling completely lost with what to do. The first night after our consultation, by making the gentlest of changes, our son woke only 5 times. It felt magic! And the improvements continued.

Charlotte’s approach to working with us was absolutely fantastic- she was friendly yet professional and we were really impressed by her knowledge. She included both of us in the plan of action so we came away feeling really united in making changes. She helped us to understand what might be causing so many wakes and to tackle some quite scary areas like cot naps. Our son went from only napping in the pram (with strong motion to go to sleep) and waking regularly on the evening and at night, to where we are now which is 2 cot naps and night stretches of 3-6 hours.
We even managed a date night (at home) where we cooked and ate a whole meal together! To some this might sound awful but I’m sure there will be others out there, who like me could only dream (!) of having 3 consecutive hours sleep!!!
Of course our sons sleep still goes wonky some days and now he’s 12 months old we’ve entered a whole new level of nap resistance, but, Charlotte has given me confidence. The confidence to try, tweak, alter and adapt. And that has improved my overall well-being a huge amount and created time for me and my husband to connect. We couldn’t recommend investing in working with Charlotte enough!

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Emily - september 2022

As a first time mum, I have found myself googling all things baby sleep late at night and in the early hours of the morning, only to end up more anxious and confused about what is or isn’t “normal”.


By chance, I stumbled across Sleepy Moon Babe on Instagram and felt instantly better about things based on the content that was shared. I tentatively reached out to Charlotte by direct message after a particularly challenging night and the advice she provided was so supportive and knowledgeable.


Not only this, but she offered a bespoke consultation to better suit our family where we discussed my worries in more depth.


I can’t tell you how valuable that was, and wouldn’t hesitate for a second in recommending Sleepy Moon Babe to anyone who is struggling with baby sleep or wants to better understand how to support the needs of their baby. Thank you Charlotte!

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Ellie - august 2022

I initially contacted Charlotte after following her Instagram I knew she would be a good fit.

I booked in with her for the crescent moon 1 hr appointment which she kindly moved forwards after I expressed the impact my daughters’ sleep (or lack of it) was having on us all.

Society’s expectations on where, when and how your baby should sleep had me doubting what I was doing as a parent- and as a first time mum this caused so much anxiety. The reassurance Charlotte gave me during our meeting was EXACTLY what I needed.

She made me realised that I was doing exactly what my baby needed from me and some ways in which I could optimise both mine and my daughters sleep. Not only this but she reiterated the importance of my wellbeing (something you neglect as a first time parent!) and discussed ways in which I can give myself little breaks so I don’t feel like the weight of it all is on me!

She knows exactly what she is talking about and gave me all the factual information I needed, alongside listening to my worries and allowing me to have a little cry!

I went away from the meeting feeling calm and ready to put things into practice. After just one night we all got more sleep as we did things our way and not the way society tells you to.

If you are thinking of booking in with Charlotte do it! Her knowledge, caring personality and listening ear was exactly what my family needed.

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